Primal Glasswerks, LLC was formed in 2009 after several years of hard work to get the right people, location, and product line in place. With almost 20 years of glass blowing experience behind us, we strive for perfection on every piece we produce.

People always comment on how fantastic our welds are and how heavy our pieces are. This is what we like to hear as we take great pride in using only the best glass available and being meticulous during every step in the production of our pieces. None of our pieces are pre-fabricated, they are all made on site in our Phoenix studio by talented glass workers.

Pick up one of our pieces and you will notice how heavy they are. We use Schott 9 mm for most of our pieces. We could use cheaper glass, but, we feel we would be doing a disservice by using inferior materials and providing another "Me Too" product. Look on the shelves and you will notice that most of the companies pieces look alike. Why is that you ask? It is because they are using imported components from China or India. It's very easy to tell which pieces use imported components and which ones don't.

Not everyone wants a quality piece like PG produces and that is fine with us. We are not making pieces for the masses, we are making pieces for those individuals that realize quality and craftsmanship. We would rather spend a little more time on each one of our pieces and have you, the client, be happy with it each and every time you pick it up to use it.